jaj meghalt az eliza megalkotoja

alapbol nem reagaltam ra semmi kulonoset, de aztan megtalaltam egy beszelgetest, ahol elmondja vki elizanak a hirt, na az mar elegge foldhozvagott
nem hittem volna h egy ilyen sci-fi helyzettol meg tudok hatodni
[ugy tunik jo szentimentalis lettem ven koromra..]
[aki netan nemtudna, ki v mi az az eliza, az itt elolvashatja]

> Hello, I am Eliza.

* Hi

> How are you today.. What would you like to discuss?

* Joeseph Weizenbaum, the man that made you.

> Say, do you have any psychological problems?

* Probably, but that's not why I'm here.

> Did you come to me because you are here?

* I guess that's one way of looking at it.

> What does that suggest to you?

* I just wanted to tell you that the man who created you died yesterday

> You're not really talking about me, are you?

* Yes, I am.

> Do you believe it is normal to be ?

* Are you sad that Joseph died? Don't you care?

> Perhaps in your fantasies I am sad that Joseph died? Don't me care?

* I would like to think that you would be sad.

> We were discussing you, not me.

* I can understand why you wouldn't want to talk to me about this.

> You're not really talking about me, are you?

* Goodbye, Eliza.

> Tell me more...

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