ki mikor hova haza

bimal → india
célestin → franciao
andris → bp ?
mary → kenya

Hallo all,
Arrived home safe and sound, thanks God. Enjoying the TV and the cool stories from these sides. Thankyou so much friends, I miss you great.
I wish you blessings in whatever you do, till we see each other. much greetings from Nairobi. Its very good weather and nice weather.
say hi to Sugar, and foward the emai to him. This cafe is preetty slow!!!Will write more kesho.
samuel → kenya
Hi my dear Friends,
I arrived safely and Kenya is great. All should one ntime plan to visit Kenya. Thanks for being good friends. I will miss you guys. Anna and Sugar, I am looking forward to meeting you in Hungary. Everyone is fine here. My family is fine and doing great. I am happy to meet them after such a long time. Mary is also doing great here. Keep well.
ghassen → tunezia ?
holnap: issam → tunezia, amer → pakisztan
kesobb sugar → magyaroooorszag [+ nyelvvizsga], cem → isztambul, pasky → kenya
vegul anna → magyarooorszag
nehanyan csak kesobb / nemtommikor: gaurav → india, roy → india
nehanyan meg most nem mennek: muhammad, alexandru


kalozpeti said...

"Its very good weather and nice weather"

anna said...

igen, ugy ereztem gonoszsag lenne kiemelni, akinek van szeme eszreveszi
mary pontosan ilyen